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English Trip to Weymouth - Day 3

This morning we were woken up by a loud voice. Then we got up and dressed. Next thing weh ad breakfest. There was cerial and toast. Then we went to school. There we did a test and then we were classified into three groups. In the lesson we indruduced each other and did a lot of talking.

After school weh ad an hour freetime and went tot he citycenter. At 1pm we met at the Jubilee Clock and went to Nothe Fort. When we arrived weh ad one hour to look at everything. There was an exibition about WWII and we took a lot of photos with an amazing view across the Sea. Mr. Beier and Mr. Nikolov used the scenery to re-ply the famous „Titanic“-scene.

Also there was a „scary“ floor which just turned out to be a dark floor with two figures in the corner.

At 3pm the teachers let us go tot he city a some students bought fish and chips there. Then we went back to our hostfamilies. At 5pm weh ad teatime and had chips, baked beans, eggs and meat.

In the evenning we will meet again to go bowling together.

Diary by Eden Balog and Tasia Kirschner.


Paul: What is your first impression of your hostfamily?

Arno: They are relly nice. The Food is delicious and their dog is cool.

Paul: What is your first impression of your hostfamily, weymouth and the school?

Simon: The Hostfamily ist really nice and friendly. The school ist really small and old and weymouth is bigger than i thought?

Paul: What is your first impression oft he boys?

Scarlet (host mother): I like the boys, they are very funny and cool. 


Interview by Paul Reichel




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